Scouting Reports

Performing a Scouting report every two weeks is a necessary function to  mitigate the risk of pests, and weeds. Damage of the plants, particular bugs found on the plants and any other noteworthy information is critical to mention in these reports.


Growth In Me and The Plants

It has been amazing to watch the progression of the different plants from mid May up until this point. The fruits of our labor are able to be enjoyed. Using physical labor to put together the growing boxes in the hoop house, and watching the plants flourish.  Watching the little baby plants grow up almost brings a tear to my eye.   Nurturing these plants with love and care makes the food taste even better.

Ginger growing

The Progression of the hoop house: Starting by making a level area for the beds, then filling with them with topsoil and compost. Planting the ginger coupled with okra was the next step, and finally finishing the newly transplanted plants with the organic fertilizer to help mitigate the transplant shock.