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Work and Pick 2016

Another great season of Work and Pick has begun at Eden Hall! Every Wednesday night an AMAZING group of volunteers have been coming up to help us around the farm. Above you can see a few of our volunteers this past week weeding around the perimeter of our movable high tunnel! With so many extra hands, tedious tasks like this take no time.

As half of our crew weeded, the other half filled several wheelbarrows full of leaf mulch and layered it around the potatoes. Why leaf mulch? Mulching helps insulate the soil against heat while also retaining moisture. It will be exciting to watch the potatoes grow as the Work and Pick season continues.

Out with the Old, In with the New

Our first round of lettuces and greens in the solar high tunnel was successful. After all of the lettuce heads were harvested for the two Chatham dining halls, we needed to break down the compacted soil, so that we could plant new seedlings. To do this, we had to use a broad fork, which helped turn over the top layer of soil. The results? Nice, loosened soil ready to be planted!


We decided to plant rainbow chard, which sports brightly colored stalks and roots. Chard is a versatile leafy green and is part of the goosefoot family. Other members include beets and spinach. One of my favorite ways to use chard is in soups, so I am especially excited to have access to it during the winter.