Spring Cleaning! …. In the middle of Winter?


This uncharacteristic winter has been anything but predictable. While it’s rare to even see the ground this time of year, it’s almost unheard of to be working outside in it. On Monday, we spent the day tidying up the student garden, which had unfortunately been a bit ignored over the past few months, as the greenhouses demanded our attention.

We removed rows of kale carnage, tidied up the asparagus beds, pruned the perennial flower stalks and gave the garden a bit of a mid-winter spruce up. We cleared branches, leaves and debris from the corners and crevices of the garden, and found a few stray potatoes hiding in disturbed hibernation. We continued our spring/winter cleaning until Mother Nature decided to gift us with a characteristically Pittsburgh rain/slush mix.


We moved indoors to the Solar High Tunnel to greet our growing friends and give them a drink of motivation and rounded out the day by seeding a few more trays in preparation for seedling transplants.


This unpredictable winter weather isn’t stopping progress on the farm!



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