Getting the Bees Ready for Winter!


Despite the unseasonably warm weather at the end of 2015, we were busy winterizing the bee hives in preparation for the inevitable drop in temperature. We built a low wall out of straw bales to protect the hives from cold winter winds.


We also cooked up a winter treat for the bees: bee candy! These blocks of sugar-based candy will be fed to the bees throughout the winter. They’re made using sugar (lots of it!) and a little bit of water and honey. We also added some propolis, apple cider vinegar, and Honey B Healthy (a mixture of spearmint and lemongrass oils that helps the bees’ immune systems). It smells so good, it could be human candy!

We also put together moisture quilts for the hives at the suggestion of local beekeeper Christina Neumann. The moisture quilts contain a layer of cedar chips that absorbs moisture accumulating in the hives, preventing it from dripping back down on the bees. Moisture quilts are commonly used in the Pacific Northwest, but aren’t seen very often on the East Coast. With Christina, Eden Hall is on the forefront of new beekeeping practices in the area!


I’m excited to keep everyone up to date on the bees and I hope you’re staying as cozy in the cold weather as they are!

– Stephanie




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