The Week of Tomatoes!

About a year ago, I started working at Eden Hall and was quickly impressed with the way the farm abounds with beautiful tomatoes of varying shape and color.  After a year of graduate school and working at the Eden Hall campus in different capacities, it is amazing to be part of the tomato harvest again and to utilize these tomatoes all week long.


To kick off the week of tomatoes, several Food Studies students and I worked at the Phipps Conservatory Tomato and Garlic Festival frying up beloved green tomatoes that have become a part of the annual festival.  Fried green tomatoes are a great conversation piece for us to connect to people and tell them more about the Eden Hall Campus and the Falk School of Sustainability.

Later in the week, I made an Eden Hall tomato sauce with ingredients grown or cultivated on campus.  I learned how to identify and harvest chicken of the woods mushrooms that were growing wild on campus.


Chicken of the Woods mushrooms spotted!


The chicken of the woods in all of it’s glory

Later that day, I boiled down Amish paste and several kinds of heirloom tomatoes into a thick, sweet tomato sauce.


Boiling down tomatoes into sauce

Next, I sauteed the chicken of the woods with garlic, red wing onion, and herbs from the farm.


Chicken of the woods, red wing onions, and garlic!

Garnishing it with fresh basil, this simple pasta dish was a great celebration of this week’s harvest!


And, then our farm crew harvested and delivered 100 lbs. of tomatoes to Parkhurst Food Services process and use in Anderson Cafe.  I continue to be impressed by what we are able to produce at Eden Hall Farm and how the produce connects us to each other and others in the community. I am proud to be part of this farm season and look forward to learning so much in the year to come!


Today’s Harvest!


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