Ginger at Eden Hall

We planted ginger just a few weeks ago in the greenhouse, and its starting to sprout!

We are very excited to see how it does this season. This ginger is primarily being grown to go into a ginger whiskey, a product designed by a group of Chatham Food Studies students in a year long New Product Development course in collaboration with Wigle Whiskey.

Check out this workshop, part of the Eden Hall Campus Summer Series, on August 20th if you’d like to learn more about growing ginger in the northeast, the history of whiskey in western Pennsylvania, and Wigle!

(and mark your calendars to watch for the big release party for the whiskey February 2016!)

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About katiecaminadora

Katie is a northern California native sojourning in Pittsburgh in pursuit of an MA in Food Studies at Chatham University. In addition to manipulating agricultural products through cooking, fermentation, canning, and other forms of preservation, she enjoys digging her hands in the earth, goat-wrangling, and getting outdoors at every opportunity.

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