October Closing and Winter Preparations

Tony and Matt have been working hard on the composting bins and they look great!  These bins will be part of Arley’s project about composting with regional microorganisms that she has gathered from the woods on site at Eden Hall.


We have broken ground in the high tunnel to prepare the soil for winter crops.



The root cellar has been cleaned and readied for storage. We will be storing leeks and long neck squash harvested from the student garden and Elsalma as well as some crops from Allen’s farm.  Above, Melissa is preparing wet sand in which the leeks will be stored and Matt is bringing down the the squash packed in hay on the tracker.  Different crops keep best at different temperatures and humidities so we must create microclimates with materials such as wet sand or dry hay.


Most of the remaining plants have been harvested and ripped from the student garden. The celeriac, kales and lettuces are still hanging on.  The now empty beds will be tilled and planted with a cover crop.


















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