Introductions: Gianna

Stay tuned for a series of posts introducing the student graduate assistants at the Eden Hall Farm. First up is Gianna


I came to Chatham’s MAFS program from a variety of positions in sustainable agriculture, including farm internships, environmental education, and farm management at College of Lake County. My interests in pursuing the program are vast but are connected to my passion towards incorporating sustainable farming and gardening into hands-on experiential education. I am currently working as the Grains Assistant at Eden Hall and will be doing community networking and curriculum work around grains growing. I am also working on the hops growing project.

I was given the opportunity to go to the PASA Field Day: Seed Cleaning Intensive Course hosted by Ernst Conservation Seeds. This family business has been saving an enormous variety of native seeds for 50 years! We learned about harvesting grains, separating the seeds, cleaning them and storing them. It was a great learning opportunity as the Grains Assistant and also have me a chance to meet some local grains farmers including Nigel Turdor from Weatherbury Farm. We even got to try some local wheat bread grown by Weatherbury Farm. I am excited to go out to Nigel’s farm and help him plant some winter grain in the next few weeks.
gianna1 gianna2 gianna3 gianna4

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