September Update

Hops Harvest

Fresh hops, ready to harvest!

Fresh hops, ready to harvest!

We harvested the hops from the plants in the student garden on the 23rd. We cut the ropes that the bines (the name for hop vines) grew up all year and harvested the hops by hand. The plants are in their second year so we cut the bines off about four feet from the ground and composted what we cut off. Soon we’ll retie the ropes to the trellis. The plants in elsama are only one year old so they won’t be cut back this year.

We then dried them for a few days in the greenhouse and packed them in ziploc bags and stored those in the freezer.

unnamed  hops

Some of the hop cones (the name for the hop that’s harvested) are brown and more dried out. We think it’s because we may have harvested them too late. We’re going to experiment with brewing with them though to see what the difference may be. Look out for some Eden Hall beer in the future!

Work and Pick


Colorful Harvest!

Work and picks are now from 5-7 on certain Wednesdays. Next one will be a preservation day on oct 15 on preserving peppers: roasting freezing and dehydrating. Then the next work day will be November 5.

On Wednesday we worked out in elsama. We gleaned the last of the tomatoes, there were a ton! Now the plants will be pulled out and the beds tilled. We also helped load up the pumpkins, butternut squash and Amish crookneck squash that had been picked. They’ll be transported from Elsalma on the big hay wagon. We also got the chance to pick some amazing wildflower bouquets! All the wildflowers around the fence of elsama are in bloom. It was a really beautiful evening!

Garden Harvest 

Arely harvesting peppers

Arely harvesting peppers

There is a frost coming.

Allen and Arely preparing the lettuce  beds for frost

Allen and Arely preparing the lettuce beds for frost

In an effort to prepare we covered the new lettuce beds and harvested all mature looking peppers from the student garden, the high tunnel and Elsalma.  That’s a lot of peppers!


One thought on “September Update

  1. The northwest corner of the campus is Elsalma Fields–from Elsa + Alma, Mr. Mueller’s daughters–not “Elsama.” It’s an unusual name, to be sure, but let’s not mislead the people reading this blog as to its spelling.

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