Back to School Fall 2014

A lot has happened since our last update! The summer term wrapped up in the second week of August, then students had a short week long break before fall term began. At the end of August, we welcomed back all of the continuing students, and welcomed all of the new students. We have been excited to get to know the 29 students in the new Food Studies MA cohort, and an intern we are hosting from EARTH University in Costa Rica.

Here are the highlights from the past month!

On August 29th, the new cohort of Food Studies Masters students in the Falk School of Sustainability came out to Eden Hall to talk with Allen Matthews and the Graduate Assistants who work with him there- Amber Webb, Casey Vogan, and Katie Walker.

After talking about the farm and the work we’re doing at Eden Hall, Allen showed everyone a part of the campus most students don’t often see. We hiked up a short trail through the woods and found ourselves in a spacious beautiful open space called Stanford Meadow.

After visiting the meadow, the new students and the GAs harvested fresh vegetables and herbs from the student garden and prepared lunch together. After eating lunch, everyone headed to nearby Harvest Valley Farm for a tour.

In addition to the new cohort, we have welcomed an intern from EARTH University in Costa Rica, Arely Quirós Alpízar. She has been working on the farm with us, setting up a compost research project, and working with Penn’s Corner. Look for an update in the future with more about her and her projects!

We hit the ground running this term, harvesting 200+ pounds of produce weekly for delivery to Parkhurst dining services in Anderson Hall. Students have been letting us know how much they enjoy “EDEN HALL TOMATOES” available fresh from the fields to their plates on the Shadyside campus. Keep the feedback coming! It makes us so very happy to know that this delicious food we’re producing is being enjoyed by our community.

Last, but not least, we have been discovering and identifying lots of animal life on the farm.

Good luck to everyone this semester!

To all the new students – remember to “Follow” this blog so you are notified when it’s updated!


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