Empty Bowls Hunger Banquet

Each semester Chatham University community members come together for a day of service known as University Community Service Day. This semester the Office of Student Affairs at Chatham is hosting their first Empty Bowls Hunger Banquet as a part of National Hunger Awareness Month in April. This event will serve as a recognized effort to eliminate hunger inequality in our communities. Throughout the year they have had students, faculty, staff, families and community members come together to craft clay bowls which will be used to facilitate this meal. Each bowl is representative of the amount of food a homeless individual receives in a day.

Students at Eden Hall Farm have been experimenting with storing vegetables in the root cellar on the farm. The soups served as a part of this event will be featuring ingredients grown on the farm. The Root Vegetable Soup and Chicken Noodle soup will feature Eden Hall raised chickens, leeks, carrots, turnips and beets!

Root Cellar 2.14 carrots,leeks, turnipsDSCN7525

The event will take place at noon on Saturday, April 5, at the Eden Hall Campus. All students, faculty, staff and families will enjoy a meal from the Eden Hall gardens and farm while impacting the needs of others in our communities.

Cost is $15.00 if registered ahead of time and $20.00 at the door. All donations will go to the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank.

For more information contact the Office of Student Affairs, Student Activities at 412.365.1527 or cffa@chatham.edu.

To register visit: https://www.chatham.edu/newsevents/emptybowls/register.cfm 

Visit Emptybowls.org for more information about the Empty Bowls Project. 

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