Spring Planning

By: Hanna Mosca

This warm weather is deceiving! While spring is right around the corner, we are taking advantage this winter to finish planning all of the exciting things we have coming up at the farm. We will be hosting a couple of workshops with PASA , starting a research project with broiler chickens (100 chicks due to arrive next month!), and doing lots of planting!

This fall students built an unheated high tunnel where we are growing greens, sprouts and root vegetables. Even after almost a week of single digit evenings the fragile plants are doing beautifully! We are planning to harvest some for Anderson Dining Hall and the upcoming Chatham Board of Trustee meeting. If you eat salad at the dining hall, there is a chance you have eaten some greens planted and harvested by fellow students!

Tatsoi, January 2013

Beet Greens, January 2013

Unheated Student High Tunnel, January 2013

I am currently working on planning the student garden for the summer. I am planning on incorporating crop rotation for each garden plot to encourage healthy soils and plants with minimal pests and diseases. We will be growing lots of different crops including favorite fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, raspberries, peppers, eggplants, blueberries and lots of herbs!


This spring we will also begin planting the student food forest in the lower part of the student garden! The agroforestry class is currently learning about theories, design and best practices. They will be instrumental in designing and implementing the food forest.


We will need lots of help later spring, so we will be hosing a couple of Crop Mob style volunteer days this spring and summer. We also will be accepting applications for our Summer Work & Pick soon. We will have more details coming soon.


Keep your eye out for upcoming dates for workshops, potlucks, and volunteer days. We will also be sure to post updates about our broiler chicken research project.

 *Thanks to Allen Matthews for photos*


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