Winter Harvesting

We’ve been delivering 50-60 lbs of greens & radishes a week to the Chatham’s dining services this winter. Follow us on a day of harvesting, cleaning, packing, and putting the greens to bed here!

On this day, we delivered 55 lbs of lettuce, arugula, tatsoi, and spinach, along with 28 bunches of radishes to dining services. (Click on the images for captions)

Green Washing

It’s mid February and we’re continuing to produce plenty of greens in our Solar High Tunnel. We also harvested our first bunches of bright red and white radishes!

Smiling Shiitake Logs

As I was leaving the farm yesterday, I looked up and noticed our pile of inoculated shiitake logs smiling back at me.

A happy pileThis year, I have been working as Allen Matthews’ Research Assistant on a project focused on market assessment for forest-grown shiitake mushrooms in the northeast. As we work on our research, in coordination with shiitake producers around the region, we all are looking forward to harvesting more delicious forest grown mushrooms when the weather warms.

It seems that the logs are enjoying the winter just fine though.

Smiling shiitake log


When it’s cold outside…

…we’ve got the month of May. This week we harvested another 10-plus lbs. of greens from the solar high tunnel. This harvest included baby arugula, tot soi, and my favorite – claytonia!

With nearly 30 lbs. of greens harvested this month we now have some more space for planting in the solar high tunnel. Katie, Amber and Matt got to work filling those beds with some transplants of kale, spinach and more claytonia.

The new transplants won’t be ready to harvest for several weeks, but there’s plenty more growing in the solar high tunnel. Coming soon to the harvest list – salad mix and radishes!

First Harvest of the Year

We’re only a few weeks into 2015 but we’ve already had our first real harvest of the year!

On January 20thwe harvested about 17.5 lbs. of greens from the solar high tunnel, including radish greens, spinach and tot soi.

Most of what we brought in went to Parkhurst to be used in upcoming meals at Chatham.

Within the next 5-7 days we should have our second harvest, which will feature among other things, the intriguing little green known as Claytonia.

52.4 degrees

Despite the frigid winter temps outside, the solar high tunnel has averaged a relatively balmy 52.4 degrees F during the last month. As a result, we’ve been able to continue growing a variety of leafy greens, and we’ve even gotten some radishes, spinach, and some lettuce varieties to come up nicely with direct seeding.

While the early going has been good, we’re facing our share of challenges too. We’ve begun to notice a few indoor pests attacking some of the plants. And we have also had to deal with frozen water lines.

Despite a few bumps, things are looking good in the solar high tunnel and we’re excited to continue growing in the space.

And on their farm they had some…

Even though we aren’t raising livestock quite yet, that doesn’t mean there aren’t creatures big and small already living on the farm. Check out these images to see just a few of the species living at Eden Hall.

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