What’s going on in the permaculture garden?

There’s been a lot of work going on in the Eden Hall permaculture garden lately! Our farm crew has been busy weeding out lots of thistle, laying new cardboard, and mulching the whole garden.

Look at those beautifully mulched strawberries!

Look at those beautifully mulched                            strawberries!

We’ve already had one strawberry harvest in the garden, and they’re getting ready to fruit again!

New strawberry blossoms!

New strawberry blossoms!

Just a little bit longer!

Just a little bit longer!

We’ve also harvested many pounds of black and red currants and the gooseberries are ripening, too. Even our young trees are starting to produce fruit!


We’ve placed informational signs around the garden and labels on all the trees. We’ll soon be putting out signs labeling all of the perennial plants in the permaculture garden, too. Feel free to stop by and learn about our garden and permaculture!


Planting Elsalma

elsalma planting collage

Yesterday we got several rows of squash and pumpkins planted out in Elsalma.

Allen drove the planter on the back of the tractor, and the rest of the crew pitched in placing seedlings and gently covering the roots with soil.

In case you were wondering where exactly Elsalma is located, here’s a simple map showing an outline of the Eden Hall Campus (in white), along with Elsalma and the fenced the portion where we planted yesterday. The Student Garden is also highlighted (in yellow) as a point of reference.

google map elsalma labeled

Work & Pick Program Thriving!

Weeding Rainbow Chard!

Even through the rain and thunderstorms this week, the Eden Hall work and pick program was very productive and learned quite a bit about weeding, planting and preparing beds for the rest of the season!

Transplanting Romaine head lettuce

Preparing the hoop house for late season crops


Sprouts and Blooms

Everywhere on the farm are sturdy young plants and beautiful late spring blooms as we move towards another bountiful summer. In our solar high tunnel, the kale is thriving and the tomatoes are moving in and growing like weeds! (We prefer tomatoes growing like weeds to weeds growing like weeds- much more delicious!)

Ginger at Eden Hall

We planted ginger just a few weeks ago in the greenhouse, and its starting to sprout!

We are very excited to see how it does this season. This ginger is primarily being grown to go into a ginger whiskey, a product designed by a group of Chatham Food Studies students in a year long New Product Development course in collaboration with Wigle Whiskey.

Check out this workshop, part of the Eden Hall Campus Summer Series, on August 20th if you’d like to learn more about growing ginger in the northeast, the history of whiskey in western Pennsylvania, and Wigle!

(and mark your calendars to watch for the big release party for the whiskey February 2016!)